China Stone Announces Minerasia SRL as a New distributor

China Stone Announces Minerasia SRL as a New distributor

China Stone Ltd., the leading high-precision cut calibrated gemstones manufacturer and Minerasia SRL., announced today that they have signed an agreement appointing Minerasia SRL., as an authorized distributor of China Stone´s natural gemstone products in Italy.

The agreement enables Minerasia SRL., to expand the range of gemstone products it offers to its customers and provides China Stone better access to the Italian market, benefiting from Minerasia´s geographic presence and expertise.

China Stone offers a complete selection of high-precision cut melee calibrated natural color stones to address high-end jewelry and watch makers with the need for a consistent supply of high quality precision parts manufacturing. With real-time availability of over 10 million stones graded to a consistent color, clarity, size and shape, within narrow persistent tolerances, in a price range of between 1.50 USD/piece to 45.00 USD/piece, China Stone is addressing the most demanding manufacturing requirements and currently supplies over 500 of the world´s most recognizable watch and jewelry brands.

Minerasia SRL., headquartered in Treviglio, will leverage it´s 30 years sales and marketing experience, and distribution capabilities within Italy to establish China Stone as a preferred vendor of calibrated precision-cut natural color stones. Under the terms of the agreement, Minerasia SRL., will distribute and provide support for all of China Stone´s calibrated gemstone products to new customers and will handle all inquiries and sales with the existing customers in Italy.

"Italy is one of the leading countries in fashion design, the world´s fifth manufacturing country in terms of added value and one of the most outstanding industrial markets in Europe," says Li Chongjie, China Stone Managing Director. "Thus, we are looking forward to expanding our sales activities and offer a better service to existing customers in this country, and we are sure that Minerasia will meet our goal requirements in a distinguished way."

This partnership is the latest expansion for China Stone into the European market. China Stone´s gemstone products and services are already distributed in Switzerland and United States.

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