High precision-cut calibrated natural gemstones

  • Genuine gemstones
  • Ideal cut
  • Precise specifications
  • Full color spectrum
  • Consistent clarity
  • On-demand availability
High-precision calibrared  round briliant cut natural gemstones
High-precision calibrared  single briliant cut natural gemstones
High-precision calibrared  square princess cut natural gemstones


Finest quality natural color gemstones crafted to the ideal specifications using state-of-the-art automated cutting technology with digital precision of computerized controls.


A full color spectrum from red, pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange to grey, black and white hues and thousands of pantone graded overtones to fulfill the most demanding designs.


Graded to a consistent color, clarity, size and shape within narrow persistent tolerances, and designed to fit into standard settings or used in watch and jewelry mesh setting equipment.